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ma1 free forex signals (+10 Forex Pairs)

on Sun Jun 04, 2017 12:03 am provide you with the best free forex signals
and more...

See the Master page and choose the Pairs.
**Quick Help
# 10 Forex Pairs
#Daily signals
# The signal is displayed daily every day after 1 am Saudi Arabia Time (GMT+3) (after 5 AM Indonesia Time).

Execution of transactions
# All you need to do is follow signals and manually copy them to your own trading platform by using Pending orders.

Jual= sell=بيع
Beli= buy= شراء

# No Stop Loss (BUT) ** learn forex trading signals + Capital Management (you need Translated by Google)

Time Analysis
# Our Forex signals depend on the chronological analysis (Time Analysis) + Capital Management
# our signals archive since jan 2017
# You can review the results (on the chart) day by day
# It makes sense to have profitable deals, and others have lost But the total will be profits.
# remember: I advise you to read how our signals work+ Capital Management (You need to translate google, We are currently in Arabic)

Use google translate.

** learn forex trading signals

See this example:


BUY 1 = 81.57 Lot 0.50
BUY 2 = 81.76 Lot  0.30
BUY 3 = 81.95 Lot 0.10

Nearest exit =  82.05
MA exit  = 82.14
You want to keep the deal longer (higher risk)? OK exit @= 82.33
CLOSE the three deals (at the same time If you reach the TP limit.
There is no stop loss BUT Close any potions or cancel any entry orders between 9PM to 10 TP GMT.

good luck for all
If you have a question, type here
Number of messages : 3
Points : 667
Date of Entry : 2017-06-04
Year : 39
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ma1 Re: free forex signals (+10 Forex Pairs)

on Tue Jun 13, 2017 5:14 pm
Q-by at the end of the day you mean what time? US time? GMT? because everyone in this world has different timezone?
*Since the signals are written each day in between 9 PM to 10 GMT
So I mean (the end of the day) = 9 PM to 10 GMT
The time when new signals are written Smile
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