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Extra Cheap Rebate Robot for MT4

on Mon Nov 27, 2017 2:55 pm

Rebate Robot performs a great number of trades allowing it to make profit not only from Forex market but also from receiving rebates (returning part of a spread).

Since the security margin for a locking position is about 25-50% (depending on the broker), Rebate Robot works in two directions simultaneously in case the appropriate signals are present.

Positions are opened based on Trader Dream indicator's current color. If the color is blue, the Expert Advisor goes long. If the color is red, it goes short. In case the price moves in the wrong direction, Rebate Robot opens additional orders. Buy and sell series are not connected to each other. Each of them has its own take profit and trailing stop.

General Recommendations

  • You can launch the Expert Advisor simultaneously on all currency pairs, at which testing has been conducted, and optimize it on other pairs;
  • Use the broker providing rebates;
  • The less the security margin for the locking position, the better.

Description of Input Parameters
The product works on 4 and 5-digit quotes. When using 4-digit quotes Pips multiplier input parameter is equal to 1, while when using 5-digit quotes it is 10 (inputs are multiplied by 10).

  • Intial Lot - initial lot;
  • Maximum Lot - maximum lot;
  • Lot Multipler - lot multiplier for the second and subsequent orders;
  • Maximum number of position - maximum number of orders that are to be opened by the Expert Advisor;
  • Pips multiplier - this parameters multiplies entered values by 10 in 5-digit quotes;
  • Grid Step, pips - step between orders, in points;
  • Slippage, pips - slippage;
  • TakeProfit, pips - take profit;
  • TakeProfit 2, pips - take profit can be decreased down to take profit 2 from a certain order;
  • First Order with TakeProfit 2 - the order, from which decreased take profit is used;
  • TrailingStop, pips - distance from the price, at which trailing stop is activated;
  • Profit for TP activation, pips - profit in points to activate trailing stop;
  • Trailing stop step, pips - trailing stop step.


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