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Published the Wed Feb 19, 2020 10:44 am
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It's an Expert Advisor for the MT5 Hedge trading platform. The main characteristic of this EA is to follow the trend. Signal logic is based on the old and well known Moving Average indicator. More precisely four MA indicators. The EA calculates each MA separately and bases on the signal logic to determine the trend direction, and open buy or sell order. EA opens only one order. This is not martingale, grid, or NN EA. EA does not have an automatic calculation lot size, because I want to avoid the unpredictable losses that would occur if you used this option. Therefore, the user must manually specify the desired lot size.

This EA is made for trading on all currencies pairs. My recommendation is trading on Major currency pairs, but not necessarily. So, if you want to have this EA in your collection you can bay this EA, every customer gets 5 licenses for activation.
Legally purchase of this software is available on the MQL5 market only, through the following link: