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Yuri | Published on the mon May 29, 2017 9:43 pm | 2827 Views

Today we would like to introduce BANX. The company is a relatively short time in the market, and offer professional trading services.

BANX Germany registered companies from Dusseldorf, offers access to trade with a huge number of German, European, and international CFDs basis values. The supplier flattens the access to more than 3,200 markets and allows thus CFD trade on a gigantic number of stocks, indexes, commodities, loans, and foreign currency.

Only in the area of currency trade, a substantial number of 120 currency pairs stand for the choice. Thereby you can take part as a customer first in trade with the top-selling and from the public to strongly notable interrelations between the international leading currencies US dollar, euro, to Japanese yen, Swiss franc, British pound,  Australian dollar, the New Zealand dollar, the Danish crown or possibly also the Hungarian Forint count among other things.

The cost structure for the different currency pairs is a result of the high market complexity and different commercial places relatively disparate, however, is shown on the web page understandably and clear.

BANX is active in Germany as an intermediary for interactive brokers: Interactive Brokers is a listed company through whose system approximately 19% of the stock options listed on all stock exchanges worldwide are traded. Interactive Brokers’ head office is located in Greenwich, Connecticut in the USA. Other offices are located in Chicago, Switzerland, Canada, Hong Kong, London, and Sydney. Interactive Brokers are regulated by various institutions such as FINRA, SEC, NYSE, SFA, and numerous other regulatory bodies. The securities accounts of BANX clients are therefore managed through Interactive Brokers.

The US Interactive Brokers Group was founded 41 years ago by CEO Thomas Petterfy, who is still the majority shareholder of the company today. The group’s consolidated equity amounts to over 7 billion USD, which is why Interactive Brokers is one of the five largest online brokers in the world.

Instead of offering multiple accounts with different conditions and services, BANX purposely provides ONLY 1 ACCOUNT TYPE. Every customer is being treated the same and has access to the same attractive spreads.

Trading Futures with Trader WorkStation 4.0

BANX GmbH also offers you an excellent basis for trading with futures. In addition to the low costs (commissions of 2€ per contract are common on many European exchanges), the multi-award-winning trading platform Trader Workstation 4.0 makes a major contribution to your success. User-friendly, reliable, and technically highly developed, it is the ideal tool for the ambitious trader.

BANX GmbH accepts payments through Bank Transfer, Credit Cards, and the online payment system.

BANX GmbH Contact Info:

Our Conclusion

BANX is a safe, regulated, and reliable FOREX, CFDs broker!

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