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CCI and MACD Strategy

Yuri | Published on the tue Jun 13, 2017 2:53 pm | 4332 Views

This simple strategy is based on rather strong signals of entry and exit points from the market. Two oscillators: CCI and MACD in one window are used in this strategy. The best results are achieved with the use of timeframes from M1 to H1.

Settings of the indicators:

MACD:  Fast EMA - 12, slow EMA - 26, MACD SMA – 2, applied to the closing price.

CCI: Period – 14, applied to the closing price.

Do not forget that that we use two indicators in the same window; therefore, after setting of the first indicator, the second indicator shall be moved, with the help of the mouse, from the window “Navigator” to the window with the first indicator.

Let’s consider an example of opening a BUY position (Pic. 1)

In order to open a buy position, the red line CCI should cross the line +100 from bottom to top, while the indicator MACD shall be above the demarcation line 0. In order to close positions, the line CCI shall go back to the level +100. However, the as practice shows it is better to close positions if the line CCI crosses MACD.

Pic. 1

How to open a SELL position (Pic. 2)
Open a sell position when the CCI red line crosses up the line-100 and the MACD indicator is below the demarcation line 0. Close the position when the CCI line returns to the level -100 or crosses the MACD line.

Pic. 2

For carrying out a transaction you shall watch over terminal tracing the readings of the indicators, since this option does not provide for a function of placing stop-loss or profit taking orders.

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