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Anti-Trend Strategy

dzonefx | Published on the wed Aug 02, 2017 2:04 pm | 3785 Views

Trading strategy “Anti-trend” is mainly used for trading world indices. Let’s consider the example of its application on FDAX.

In order to receive trading signals we will use the indicator “Bulls” with the following configuration: (13). This indicator will help us to find reversal points and receive profit.

Take note of the important aspect: if we trade the index FDAX, we shall build additional levels on the indicator. In such case support level will be (-229.6) and resistance level (260.5). When the price reaches these levels we can conclude a buy or a sell transaction respectively.

Recommended timeframe: H4

Level of Take Profit: the target of 4500 points (optionally, you can set Stop Loss at the breakeven point and wait for the stronger movement).

Level of Stop-Loss: 1500 points.

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