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'Quark' Trading Robot (Expert Advisor) for MT5 trading platform

Admin | Published on the mon Feb 08, 2021 11:00 pm | 1016 Views

Hello, fellow traders.

Maybe this story about Quark EA will be a little different than others my stories. So, it will be nice to read the user guide about this EA  published on the MQL5 blog on the following link:

Because maybe I miss something here, or maybe because this review will be a little different. So, Quark EA is very easy to use and understanding to novice traders and professional traders as well. The main strategy is based on the AMA indicator. For controlling this indicator EA has seven adjustable parameters.

This is all default settings, except input "Weight".This input is used to determine the difficulty level for signal generation. The higher the input is, the higher difficulty of the opening the signal is. This is very important when we use a multi-strategy EA, such as Hulk, Milojica AI, or ReadHotChili EA when we use two signals at the same time. Using these options, we determine the order of signal generation, which is the first, which is the second, and so on.

Money Management has two adjustable inputs. The first is Set Volume Risk in Percentage, where we adjust our risk in percentages from one to one hundred, and the second is the Decrease Factor, which is responsible to reduce the level of risk only in the case of unprofitable trading.

The following four inputs are:

  1. Stop loss
  2. Take profit
  3.  Signal threshold value to open.    Range[...0...100]
  4. Signal threshold value to close.     Range[...0...100]

We all know what SL and TP are used for, so there is no need to explain, but the next two options can be used instead of TP, and SL, or in combination with them. So, let's assume the following situation. If we set SL and TP to zero, we can use the following two inputs instead of these two inputs. The robot will open and close positions according to our range, which can be 10/10, or 80/20, etc ...

Order Type

The robot has the ability to open all three types of orders:

The following function "Price level to execute a deal[...-100..0..100...](in points)", controls order type. So, if we decided to trade on the trend reversal, we definitely use limited order and our number must be greater than zero, for example, 100 points. If we decide to trade on the trend-following strategy, then our input value must be less the zero, -100, etc...

If we want to be immediately on the market, our value must be equal to zero, and in that case, the robot will open BUY or SELL market orders.

The expiration of the pending order is controlled by the expiration of the bars. This is the responsibility of the input "Expiration of pending orders in bars". 

Trailing Stop can be controlled via three integrated options:

My recommendation is to use only one option. And finally, we have the Magic Number. It can be any number we want.

Quark EA has already been optimized in six Walk-Forward optimization cycles, over a ten-year period, on the EURUSD currency pair. The robot can be used to trade on all available instruments, such as Currency Pairs, Metals, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies, etc...

Finally,  watch a short video presentation of this EA

If you are interested in trying or buying this EA, visit the following link:

Quark basic info:

Thank you for your time.

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