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Crypto Kong The Next Generation

gandra | Published on the tue Nov 08, 2022 11:36 pm | 1590 Views


Introducing Crypto Kong: Your Path to Smart Cryptocurrency Trading

Prepare to witness a groundbreaking trading revolution with Crypto Kong, the pinnacle of automated trading sophistication. This exceptional trading robot boasts an unparalleled cryptocurrency money management system. This sets it apart in the realm of automated trading, offering a unique approach to ensuring optimal performance.

What truly distinguishes Crypto Kong is its advanced utilization of fuzzy logic to generate trading signals. This enables the robot to adapt swiftly to ever-shifting market conditions, making intelligent trading decisions.

When used with the recommended BTCUSD currency pair and a low-latency Virtual Private Server (VPS), Crypto Kong is engineered to deliver superior performance on the H1 and H4 timeframes.

When we designed this automated trading system, we made a conscious decision to keep the number of trades it makes relatively small. Simply put, they won't open many positions in a month or a year. But here's the interesting part: you can use this robot in different time frames and with different symbols or cryptocurrency pairs. This flexibility allows you to achieve the type of trading approach that suits your preferences, whether you want to trade more frequently or less frequently.

Crypto Kong is a fully automated system designed for trading on the MT5 trading platform with various cryptocurrency pairs, including BTCUSD. The user interface offers a minimal number of visible settings for those who prefer simplicity. However, it's important to note that this robot is already optimized for BTCUSD trading on both H1 and H4 timeframes. Simply drag the robot onto two separate charts and start using it immediately.

When it comes to the money management system, it's advisable to determine your risk level based on your account balance and your desired risk tolerance for each position. Additionally, consider the leverage you're currently using and the allowed margin level on your trading account when assessing your risk.


If you buy now, you reserve the right to own new upgraded versions of the robot, which will appear at specific time intervals continuously.

Crypto Money Management

This system includes four interconnected conditions that need to be defined when using it, namely:

  1. (auto) Use Money Management
  2. (auto) Use Account Balance
  3. (auto) Max. Lot Size
  4. (auto) Decimals (range: 1, 2)

The first point is that if you want to use the Crypto Money Management system to manage your funds, you need to enable it as follows:

(auto) Use Money Management = true

In this case, the following three conditions that you see above become active: Also, the (auto) Use Account Balance condition can be used optionally. That is, it can be used or not. If you want to use this condition, you need to activate it as follows:

(auto) Use Account Balance = true

When this condition is active, it means that the Money Management system considers your entire account balance to determine the automatic lot size calculation for each individual position, regardless of existing or active positions and their risk levels.

The (auto) Max. Lot Size condition represents the maximum allowable lot size for each individual position. The level of risk you want to take is entirely up to you. As for us, we will provide our opinion on this condition at the end of this text.

The (auto) Decimals (range: 1, 2) condition represents the number of decimal places on the crypto pair. It is recommended to use numbers 1 or 2. These are not predefined conditions (although they could). Therefore, we strongly recommend using the recommended numbers for this condition.

The fixed lot size condition is an independent condition that you can use instead of the money management system, allowing you to manually determine the level of risk or lot size for each individual position. If you prefer personal control over risk, you can set Use Money Management = false and use this condition.

This advice covers all of these conditions or adjustable inputs related to the MM system.

So, I hope it's clear what you can configure within the robot's user interface if you want to use our default robot settings. It's up to you individually to determine your risk level. We have already predefined everything else. Of course, if you want to use our settings and trade on the recommended symbols, you are welcome to do so.  If not! You can configure the settings as you wish.

Optimal Lot Size and Leverage Recommendations for Your Deposit

  1. Leverage 1:100: With a $1,000 deposit and 1:100 leverage, we recommend using a fixed lot size of 0.01 lot. This allows for trading with moderate risk.
  2. Leverage 1:200: In the same scenario, you can use a fixed lot size of 0.01, or increase it to 0.02 if you are willing to take on higher risk.
  3. Leverage 1:500: With this high leverage, you can use a fixed lot size of 0.05 or 0.1 to fully utilize your capital.
  1. Leverage 1:100: For a $2,000 deposit and 1:100 leverage, we recommend a fixed lot size of 0.02. This allows for greater exposure.
  2. Leverage 1:200: With the same deposit, the fixed lot size can be 0.02 or 0.05 to manage risk.
  3. Leverage 1:500: With this deposit, you can consider a fixed lot size of 0.1 or 0.2 to maximize your capital.

Deposit of $5000 USD:

Deposit between $5,000 and $10,000 USD:

  1. Leverage 1:100: For deposits in this range and 1:100 leverage, a fixed lot size of 0.05 is suitable for moderate risk.
  2. Leverage 1:200: With the same deposit, a fixed lot size of 0.02 or 0.05 can provide greater exposure.
  3. Leverage 1:500: With this deposit range, you can contemplate a fixed lot size of 0.2 or 0.5 to maximize your capital.

Remember that risk management is crucial. Always ensure that your lot size aligns with your comfort level and risk tolerance. It's essential to consider your goals and strategy before selecting the appropriate leverage and lot size. Indeed, as a concluding note, whether you choose to utilize the Crypto Money Management System or stick with a fixed lot size, these recommended risk levels should serve as your guide. Remember, effective risk management is essential for your trading success, so make sure to align your risk levels with your trading goals and comfort zone.

What you can trade with Kong with default settings on MT5 

"Each time frame must have a different magic number or ID number."

What you can trade with Kong with default settings on Pro account (commission zero or higher spread) type on MT5

"Each time frame must set a different magic number or ID number."

What you can trade with Kong with default settings on MT4

"Each time frame must set a different magic number or ID number."

What is a magic number?

There is no magic, but this number represents a unique ID that is linked to all independent processes that take place inside the robot. Therefore, it is very important to specify a different ID, i.e., a magic number, if you want to use this robot on several different symbols and on several different charts.

The Engine

We've already provided a detailed description of the robot's money management system, and we hope everything is clear. Now, let's delve into other interesting details that we believe will be beneficial to the end user. So, let's get started.

The robot is designed to place pending orders, specifically limit orders. Additionally, the system has integrated entry rules for long or short positions and includes integrated exit rules. This is something you should never overlook.

Here's why: We are now speaking purely informatively and assuming potential situations that may occur, which might not be entirely clear to you. Therefore, please understand this as an explanation of possible outcomes. For example, it may happen that the system closes losing positions based on exit rules before the activation of a stop loss. This is the purpose of these exit rules. How often this occurs depends on the predefined conditions that these rules have.

Furthermore, all exit rules are calculated using coefficients derived from independent ATR indicators for each rule. So, Stop Loss and Take Profit have their own ATR indicator, which is used to calculate the levels for each individual entry.

Trailing Stop rules and BreakEven rules also have independent and specific indicators for each of these rules, and individual levels are calculated based on these indicators, specifically for Trailing Stop, Trailing Step, BreakEven Stop, and BreakEven Step.

As mentioned, the robot works with pending limit orders. Within the user interface, you can see "Open Price Rules," which determine the level for placing pending orders based on these rules. These rules are based on the TEMA indicator and a multiplier.

The robot also has an option that allows it to work only with a selected type of pending order. It also has an option that determines when a pending order will expire if it hasn't been activated.

The rules are as follows:

The next, perhaps less critical rule, is "Don't Trade on Weekends." Within this condition, you can find the following settings:

In our case, referring to the robot's default settings, we have activated this condition. What this means is that the robot will not seek signals to open positions over the weekend. However, if a position was opened earlier, let's say on Thursday, the robot will operate as usual and manage the position in accordance with the predefined rules. 

Now, we've reached the part that controls the signal. Entry and exit rules consist of multiple conditions, some of which are visible within the robot. All visible conditions can be adjusted as desired. However, we do not recommend altering the values within this section or making any changes to the robot's values, except for those within the money management system, if you wish to use the default settings we have provided. But if you want to optimize the system for specific cryptocurrency pairs you want to trade independently from the recommended ones, then that's perfectly fine.

Entry Signal:

Exit Signal:

Follow the CryptoKong signals at the following links:

This software is licensed, and with each individual purchase, you receive five independent licenses. So, if you make a dozen purchases, you will receive a dozen licenses, and so on.

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