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How To Make a Top XAUUSD Expert Advisor Portfolio

gandra | Published on the fri Jun 28, 2024 3:20 pm | 161 Views

Hello everyone. I hope this topic will be helpful to traders who want to activate multiple Expert Advisors (EAs) on XAUUSD symbols, Gold, or Gold Futures. The basic concept for this method is diversification, meaning the use of multiple different strategies on one symbol to achieve maximum performance.

It’s important to note that each robot has its winning and losing periods. Different systems have different operating rules, so one robot can make a loss while another robot makes a profit on the same symbol. Of course, we should use systems that close over 60% of positions in profit, meaning we use robots that can help us achieve our set goals.

Let's start by getting to know the Expert Advisors. The list of recommended trading applications for the XAUUSD symbol is as follows:

  1. Thor MT5
  2. Golden Boy EA
  3. Triple Double Neural
  4. TripleDoublePro
  5. Gold Digger MT5
  6. PredatorEA
  7. Predator Genesis

I also want to mention that there is no need to use PredatorEA and Predator Genesis at the same time. We can choose only one of these two robots. If we choose PredatorEA, we need to use set files, and if we choose Predator Genesis, set files are not required. In our case, we will work with Predator Genesis.

Additionally, I want to emphasize that we must set a unique magic number on each chart, regardless of whether we are using the same robot or multiple different robots. It is also very important to rent a VPS with at least 8 GB of RAM. The processor power should meet at least 1 core and 4 threads, or we can rent a VDS, or your PC must work 24/5 instead.

So let's begin.

First Step

The first step is to purchase all these robots. You can find all the applications at the following LINK

Second Step

Now that we have the mentioned robots within our MT5 platform, we can start creating our portfolio on the XAUUSD symbol, for example.

We begin our work with the Thor MT5 robot. Thor is a robot that has five predefined strategies.

Thor is a robot that can work with all types of orders.

Initially, we will work only with Market orders. Therefore, we need to open 5 charts on the XAUUSD symbol and set the timeframe to H1.

Drag the robot onto all five charts starting from the first one.

Each activation must have a unique magic number set. The number can be any prime number. On the first chart, set or leave the already set magic number 33, and set or leave active the strategy under number 5.

Repeat the procedure on chart number two, but now choose strategy number 4 and set magic number 34.

The next step is to activate the Thor robot on the third chart. Set the magic number 35 and choose strategy number 3.

The next step is to repeat the procedure and activate the robot on the fourth chart. Choose 36 for our unique magic number and choose strategy number 2.

Finally, as far as this robot and its activation are concerned, drag the robot onto the fifth chart. Set 37 for our magic number and choose strategy number 1.

Let's take a look at the current appearance of our portfolio within which we have so far activated only the Thor MT5 robot.

Next Step

Okay, algo traders, now it’s necessary to activate a new robot within our portfolio. The next robot is Golden Boy EA. This is a Neural Network robot that has ten predefined strategies integrated, works with all types of orders, and has an integrated automatic option for selecting the type of order. In our case, we will work exclusively with Market order types. It’s also necessary to set a unique magic number and choose strategies from number 6 to number 10.

In the image, we can see all ten strategies and inputs from the neural network.

In the menu, we can see all types of orders as well as the automatic option for opening orders. I want to emphasize that the automatic option chooses the type of order to be opened at a given moment.

To get the most out of this mentioned automatic option, we need to activate the input named “Multi Trades”.

Now, that we have seen all the features this robot offers, we will activate the robot to work only with Market order types. It’s also necessary to open the “Expert” tab on our platform to monitor the initialization process of the robot, which lasts a few seconds. This is a neural network robot that trains the neural network, creates a database, and enters obtained data into the database during its initialization for later use.

Drag the robot onto the next XAUUSD H1 chart, choose strategy number 6, and leave the already set magic number 4006.

Repeat the same procedure on the next chart, but now choose strategy number 7 and set 4007 as our magic number. Monitor the robot's startup process and the training of the NN network within the “Expert” tab of our MT5 platform.

Open the next chart and repeat the procedure. Choose strategy number 8 and set the magic number 4008.

We have two charts left. Drag the robot onto the XAUUSD H1 chart. Choose strategy number 9 and set 4009 as our new unique magic number.

There is one more step left as far as this robot is concerned. Drag the robot onto the next chart, choose strategy number 10, and set 4010 as our unique magic number.

Let’s now take a look at the current appearance of our XAUUSD portfolio.

Currently, we have two robots activated on ten independent charts with ten unique magic numbers, and we have set ten different strategies that, in our case, open Market Orders.

Next Step

Our next step is to activate the next robot from our list. Let’s start and activate the Triple Double Neural robot. Before we start, I want to mention that this is another robot based on the neural network. Therefore, it is very important to keep the “Expert” tab visible within our MT5 platform to monitor the robot's initialization process. That is, training the neural network, creating the database, and forwarding the data into the database for later use within the application. The entire process takes only a few seconds.

Open a new XAUUSD H1 chart. Don’t forget that the unique magic number must be set. By default, it is set to 2006, so there is no need to make changes as this number is unique in our entire portfolio. Pay attention to the fixed lot, which is set to 0.3 mini lots per position by default. Therefore, my recommendation is to reduce this risk to a mini lot of 0.01. Currently, our total risk amounts to 0.11 mini lots.

Let’s now look at the new appearance of our XAUUSD portfolio, and then move on to activating the remaining three robots from our list.

Our next step is the activation of the TripledoublePro robot. Within this robot, it is necessary to set a fixed lot size to 0.01 micro lots and set a unique magic number, which is 37 in our case.

The next robot is the Gold Digger MT5. Open a new XAUUSD chart and choose the H4 timeframe. From the dropdown menu “Order Type”, choose LIMIT orders and set 38 as our unique magic number. Click the OK button and the robot is activated with unique settings.

We have one more robot left. Actually, two robots from our list. These two robots are similar and share the same engine. However, Predator EA has a larger number of inputs, meaning a larger user interface, and requires the input of set files for configuration. In contrast, Predator Genesis does not require the input of set files for configuration and has a much smaller user interface, making it more convenient to use.


Predator Genesis

Okay, I have chosen the Predator Genesis version. So let’s get started. Drag the robot onto the XAUUSD chart and set the H1 timeframe. Set 0.01 micro lot. We don’t need to configure other parameters. The current magic number is 53, which means it’s a unique number within our portfolio. The “Friday Close” option is already set to “true”, so no further configuration is needed.

One more step left and we’re done with all activations and creating our XAUUSD portfolio. So let’s repeat the whole process. Drag the robot onto the XAUUSD chart and choose the H1 timeframe. But now choose 54 as our unique magic number, disable the “Exit on Friday” option to “false”, and enable the “Exit At End of Day” option.

Now, let’s take a look at the final appearance of our XAUUSD portfolio.

Dear traders, that would be all. I hope you will have maximum success with your newly created XAUUSD portfolio.

Financial Moment

Okay, now let's delve into some economic questions as well as the value of the entire system. As you know, the first step is to purchase these applications. Each robot has five licenses. The price for each robot varies, ranging from $85 to $399. If we plan to buy all the applications, which in our case is six applications, the total amount we need to allocate or invest is $1314.

The price for each robot is specified in US dollars:

Now, the main question arises are these applications worth the mentioned money, and how can their value be verified?

The answer to this question is very simple. All these robots are already running on my live accounts connected to my signals, where you can check the total profit, loss, risk, reliability, and value of the signals themselves. The signal providers for my accounts where all these robots are actively working are listed below.

MQL5 Signal Providers:


PAMM/Forex Copy:

This way, you can check the value and performance of the applications before deciding to purchase them.

Additional Advantages

By purchasing these applications, you not only get access to top-notch algorithmic trading tools but also enter a community of experienced traders. You also get support and help with robot configuration to maximize their potential.

Flexibility and Personalization

Each of these robots is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to customize strategies according to your needs and market conditions. Whether you are an experienced trader or a beginner, our robots are user-friendly and can be tailored to different risk levels and investment goals.

Security and Reliability

Our robots are rigorously tested and used on real accounts, ensuring their quality and reliability. We use the latest technologies to protect your capital, allowing you to trade with confidence.

Quick Return on Investment

Given the high efficiency and profitability of our robots, the return on your investment can be remarkably short. Depending on market conditions, it is possible to achieve a significant return within a few days to a few weeks.

Final Considerations

When activating multiple EAs on a single symbol like XAUUSD, it's important to:

Good luck with your trading, and remember that a well-diversified portfolio can help you navigate the ups and downs of the market more effectively.

In conclusion, if you have any questions, doubts, or uncertainties, feel free to contact me. I am always here to help and answer all your questions.

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