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$ 10,000 in management

on Mon Jul 06, 2015 2:24 pm
PropForex is an Investor-Trader Association. We want every trader to achieve his goals and become successful without risking his own money! Participating in our competition you have a chance to get from $1000 to $30 000 on a real account!

What do you need to do:
1. Visit PropForex web-site .
2. Register with your e-mail .
3. Fill in the blanks - your info - there's no English version of this site yet, I'll help You oub with the blanks: from the top - second name, first name, middle name, country, city/town, date of birth, your phone number (it should start with +), your password (repeat you password)
6. On the week-end we'll send You your account number and password. This info will be in your dasboard on our web-site .Access to your dashboard: login - your e-mail, password - that from the registration
7. Install the platform.

The period of trading is 14 days - it means, 10 of them are trading days - because on the week-ends markets don't work. Leverage you'll be trading with is 1:10

Depo you'll start trading with is $1000, and Dayly drawdown is not higher than 2% from this depo - when you reach a drawdown 1.9%, you should stop trading for the day. Max possible drawdown is 4% from the depo - it means, that if you trade two days in a row with 2% drawdown, you fail..

And about profit target - it's 10% from the starting deposit - $100. What else is VERY important is that you should ALWAYS use stop loss in every order.

Following these rules you'll get through the competition and will get a real $1000 account!
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Re: $ 10,000 in management

on Tue Jul 07, 2015 6:44 pm
Payment system

We offer our users a convenient payment system, so that everyone can find a suitable way to pay for it.At the moment, payment is possible in the following ways:

- Payment from a purse in Yandex
- Credit cards
- Cash and cash through terminals
- Payment from a purse in WebMoney
- Payment by Alfa-Click
- Payment by PSB

To make the purchase of a ticket, you should:

1. go to your personal account on our website;
2. go to the tab and choose to buy a ticket you are interested in a ticket;
3. click "buy";
4. select one of the above-listed methods of payment;
5. enter your e-mail address to receive notifications of buying and phone number;
6. Check the details and make the payment;
7. check your personal account for the presence of the active ticket.
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Re: $ 10,000 in management

on Fri Jul 10, 2015 6:10 pm

We would like to remind you that in order to participate in our selection to 13.07.2015, you need to have time to buy a ticket to your desired time!

Do not wait for a week that you can start doing since next Monday!
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Re: $ 10,000 in management

on Tue Oct 20, 2015 3:37 pm
Meet, PropUnion!

We give money to successful traders! No deposit is required!
Show us efficient trading on a demo-account within two weeks and get $1,000 for managing on a real account.

Steps to get money:
1. Register at our website;
2. Get a free ticket to participate in a qualifying round;
3. Trade for 10 days in accordance with the rules of the project;
4. Get $1,000 on a real account.

And there is even more!

Inviting other traders, you can get $30,000 for managing on a real account.

We also have many interesting offers with profitable conditions for investors.

Official website: PropUnion
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