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About Forex Market

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1About Forex Market Empty About Forex Market Thu Aug 20, 2015 7:33 pm


EXNESS offers trading services on the forex market Today we provide high-quality service to clients around the world. With the growth of the Internet and the appearance of brokerage companies, anybody can be a trader. The purpose of trading on the forex market, like any other market, is to buy low and sell high. The goods purchased in this case are foreign currencies. Banks around the world conduct foreign exchange operations to make payments between partners located in different countries, make payments between governments, execute speculative transactions, etc.

Firstly, it is an enormous financial instrument allowing traders to make a profit on even small currency fluctuations on the foreign exchange market. The scope of FOREX itself is huge, with a daily trading volume in excess of $5 trillion. No commodity market, futures market or stock exchange can equal FOREX.

Second, FOREX is a powerful global system that does not have a single center. Forex trading operations don't stop for a minute, Monday through Friday. The forex market makes it possible for a currency to be bought and sold by various market-maker banks, brokerage companies (such as EXNESS), independent brokers, investors, and traders.

Quotes are in perpetual motion and react to many trading, economic and other indicators, interest rates, bank operations, the time of day and the preferences and expectations of traders.

Client transactions are executed over the easy-to-use Meta Trader 4 trading platform. With Meta Trader 4, every trader can receive quotes in real-time mode from market participants, such as banks and the largest stock exchanges. The terminal presents graphics on current changes in prices for every currency. Traders simply enter the Personal Area to buy or sell the chosen currency using their trading account.

Note that, in addition to providing income, forex trading has for many people also become one of the most affordable and profitable ways to invest.

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