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Kangaroo Tail Tips

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There are several optimizers associated with the kangaroo-tail trade. If you have the patience to wait for only the very best kangaroo tails, watch for the following characteristics:

  • Kangaroo tails with a very long tails.
  • Kangaroo tails with much room to the left. The ideal kangaroo tails print at an area on the chart that has not seen price action in a long time.
  • Bullish kangaroo tails with a closing price that is higher than the opening price.
  • Bearish kangaroo tails with a closing price that is lower than the opening price.
  • The candlestick after the bullish kangaroo tail trades higher than the high of the kangaroo tail.
  • The candlestick after the bearish kangaroo tail trades lower than the low of the kangaroo tail.
  • Kangaroo tails with a greater range than the previous 10 candlesticks.
  • Kangaroo tails that trigger the buy stop or sell stop entry on the first candlestick after the kangaroo tail.

There are also several red flags, so watch out for these:

  • Kangaroo tails with very short tails.
  • Kangaroo tails that do not print on a zone; these are not valid kangaroo tails.
  • Kangaroo tails preceded by giant candlesticks. This suggests that the trend may continue, and the kangaroo tail may only be a pause.
  • When the open and the close of the kangaroo tails are not contained by the range of the previous candlestick.If you back-test the kangaroo tail, you may find that this trade set-up consistently identifies key turning points in the market.

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