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attention New Investing Podcasts

Mon Jul 25, 2016 8:01 pm
The Investing Podcast – You’ll find it surprisingly practical for a podcast whose slogan is ‘We study billionaires’. Beneath the bravado of ‘The Investing Podcast’ is a down-to-earth commitment to market fundamentals. Each episode features expert guests in a round table discussion of ideas endorsed by Forbes’ A-listers. Whether you want to retire to a yacht or a pontoon, ‘The Investing Podcast’ has something for you.

The Disciplined Investor – Andrew Horowitz delivers a radioquality podcast, without the partisan radio punditry. The result is a program that casts issues like China, Russia, Greece, and the price of gold and oil, in a refreshingly useful light. An avid preacher of strategy, Horowitz equips his listeners to approach today’s trade issues with level-headed discipline.

Options Alpha Trading – Kirk Du Plessis wants to be your options trading mentor. And with one of the fastest-growing podcasts on iTunes, he’s finding a lot of people who want to be his disciple. The Options Alpha podcast feels like a one-on-one conversation between you and your financial planner. Difficult concepts are explained in-depth, and the promise of earnings shares equal billing with the importance of investment protection. Get-rich-quickers might tire of Du Plessis’ fundamental approach and technical jargon, but for the thoughtful investor there’s no better place on the web for options advice.

Futures Radio (CME Group) – Futures Radio is a sprint, not a marathon. Anthony Crudele hosts a terse, 10-minute, no-nonsense podcast that delivers expert analysis on a wide range of issues affecting the futures market. Capitalizing on CME’s far-reaching network, Crudele brings an impressive line-up of experts and analysts to the show each week.

The Real Estate Guys – A guilty pleasure. The Real Estate Guys are self-proclaimed journalists who ‘like to talk real estate’. On this podcast the punditry outweighs the practical advice (and there are more than a few pie-in-the-sky ads for tropical real estate ventures) but with a weekly lineup of all-star guests and a range of topics pulled straight from the news, it’s hard not to enjoy The Real Estate Guys.

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