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What's new in JForex Trading Platform

on Sat Dec 24, 2016 12:16 pm

We offer several platforms on which you can trade Forex and CFD instruments. The execution model and the login credentials are the same for all platforms within the same environment (DEMO/LIVE). The main differences are the system requirements and the capabilites for technical analysis and automated strategies. JForex offers advanced technical analysis and functions for automated trading, development of strategies and back-testing.


Once you have successfully launched JForex, you should see the workspace of the trading platform. See the example below.The workspace is dividided into six different functional areas:

  • Menu bar
  • Trading Panel
  • Navigator
  • Status bar
  • Tabs
  • Charts and Toolbar

New in JForex

- Indicators on price base periods ( Indicators can be calculated on price base periods now ).
- Orders distance ( There is a new column available in Order table: Distance It shows the distance between the pending order price and current market price ).
- Table column customization ( Column customization is available in the following tables: Position Summary, Positions, Orders, Strategies. In order to select/deselect the columns to display, right mouse click any column header)
- Snap to Candle ( There used to be 2 separate settings for drawing objects snap to OHLC prices and time values in Preferences/Chart. We have removed them from global level and Snap to Candle/Bar price has been renamed to Snap to Candle under individual level of each object).
- Multi-select in Navigator
- Historical orders info
- Set price alerts from chart
- Colour themes
- Zoom in/out
- Workspace: Restore
- Workspace: Recent list
- Workspace: Restore from backup

- Spread
- Daily price change
- Amount spinner
- Show/hide
- Price button colours
- Instruments filters

- Instruments search
- Instruments subscription
- Instruments selecting and sorting
- Chart: Open
- Chart: Custom periods

- Chart: KAGI
- Indicators: Built-in indicators
More than 30 new built-in indicators have been added:

  1. Chaikin's Volatility
  2. Bollinger Bands - Fibonacci Ratios
  3. Bollinger Bandwidth
  4. Chande's Dynamic Momentum Index
  5. Chande's QStick
  6. Chande's TrendScore
  7. Chande's Variable Index Dynamic Average (VIDYA)
  8. Choppiness Index
  9. Currency Slope Strength
  10. Darvas Box
  11. Disparity index
  12. Ehlers Fisher Transform
  13. Ehlers Laguerre Relative Strength Index
  14. Elliott Oscillator
  15. Gann HiLo Activator
  16. Gann Swing Oscillator
  17. Gann Trend Oscillator
  18. Inertia
  19. Kaufman’s Efficiency Ratio
  20. Mass Index
  21. Keltner ATR Bands
  22. Kurtosis
  23. McClellan Oscillator
  24. McClellan Histogram
  25. McClellan Summation Index
  26. Rainbow charts
  27. Rainbow oscillator
  28. R-Squared
  29. Schaff Trend Cycle
  30. Stoller Average Range Channels
  31. Trend Continuation Factor
  32. Trend Intensity Index
  33. Trend Oscillator
  34. Trend Trigger Factor
  35. True Strength Index
  36. Volatility Quality Index

- Indicators: Add indicator on chart
- Indicators: One Indicator on another
- Indicators: New indicator drawing style
- Indicators: Custom data
Indicator drawn on e.g. EURUSD can be calculated on different:

Instrument (it needs to be added on the same chart as overlaid first)
Period (list defined under Preferences)
Side (Bid or Ask)
- Indicators: Show/hide
- Indicators: Base period ( Values of some indicators, e.g. RSI, depend on the starting point in time. In order to avoid loading all the available price history, we have added Base period in advanced settings, which determines the starting point. We set its value depending on the chart period chosen, but user can disable it)
- Stop limit level ( We are showing the stop limit price level now if Maximum slippage for Stop or MIT (Market If Touched) orders is set. Max Slippage is mandatory for MIT orders )
- SL/TP edit from table ( Stop Loss or Take Profit can be quickly placed/changed by left double click in the Positions table and Enter pressed for confirmation. Value needs to be deleted and Enter pressed to cancel the order)
- Used margin (  Necessary amount of money for holding a position (used margin) is shown for each instrument in Position summary now)
- Trading notifications
- Selection in tables
- Price alerter

First steps

  • In order to use our JForex trading platform you need to set up an account
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