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RoboForex Stocks

on Fri Feb 10, 2017 3:15 pm
Umstel trading platform

RoboForex offering over 8,400 stocks and ETFs on Bonds, Commodities, Markets and many others.


  • Leverage:up to 1:20
  • Commission:0.015 USD per stock
  • Minimum commission:2 USD
  • Minimum order size:1 stock
  • Maximum order size:1,000 stocks
  • Financing Fee
  • Minimum price fluctuation:0.01 USD
  • Corporate actions such as Splits, Reverse Split and Dividends are applied
  • Real exchange execution

Example of trading stocks:

1. Choose some particular asset
You're interested in trading Facebook stocks. The price is currently 116.88/117.03 USD.

2. Sell or buy
You choose to buy 50 stocks at the offer price 117.03, because you believe the market will rise (otherwise you could sell at the bid price 116.88 if you believe the market will fall).

3. Commission and margin
In this example, your total exposure is 50 stocks x 117.03 = 5,851.5 USD.

There is a commission: 0.015 USD per stock, minimum = 2 USD.

Therefore, the commission for opening a position = 2 USD.

The margin required on Facebook stocks is 5%, so to open this trade you would need to have 5,851.5 USD x 5% = 292.57 USD on your account (or the equivalent in other currency).

4. Closing your trade
Over the course of the day, the market rises, and Facebook stock price is 132.52/132.67 USD. You choose to close your trade at the price 132.52.

The commission for closing position = 2 USD.

5. Calculating profit/loss
Profit / loss is calculated based on the difference between your opening and closing prices, in points.

In this case: 132.52 – 117.03 = 15.49 USD.

You bought 50 stocks, and the market moved in your favor.

Therefore, your gross profit is 50 * 15.49 = 774.5 USD.

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