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ma1 Lithuanian Labour Exchange

on Thu Jan 01, 2015 7:55 pm

Our organisation

Lithuanian Labour Exchange is an institution under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour in charge for implementation of the public population employment guarantees on the labour market, directly subordinate and accountable to it. The activity of the institution is organized in accordance with annual activity plans approved by the Minister of Social Security and Labour.

Lithuanian Labour Exchange began its activities on 1 March, 1991. During over 20 years of work it has grown into an effective organization, which uses modern information technologies in providing services for jobseekers and employers. Currently the Lithuanian Labour Exchange and its 10 local labour exchange offices and branches in municipalities around Lithuania implement state employment guarantees on the national and local levels.

Our main office, with divisions and staff, is in Vilnius.

Lithuanian Labour Exchange is led by the Director.

Our employees

Lithuanian Labour Exchange had 1441 employees in June, 2013. Of these, 85.9 % percent were women and 14.1 % were men. The average age was 44 years.

Nearly 62.2 % of our employees have direct contact with jobseekers and employers.

Our services

We have two clients – employer and jobseeker. We offer support for jobseekers who want to find a job more quickly, giving them the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to compete and succeed in the labour market, and help employers to find qualified labour force.

We offer for our customers one of the Lithuania's largest database of job vacancies and jobseekers, which is updated constantly. Our website provides a single online job search and supply system. Our services are free of charge.
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