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ma1 The Dealer Comparison Matrix

on Mon Feb 02, 2015 12:06 am
It is one thing to choose a dealer, and quite another to choose the correct dealer. Dealers’ service offerings can take many forms, and each dealer usually has one or two major features that they highlight above all others. When analyzing dealers, first understand and rank all of their service offerings, then apply those findings to your trading style to arrive at your optimal dealer.

Comparing different dealers using common metrics helps to clarify where each dealer’s strength lies. Armed with that information, the trader is ready to choose the dealer who best fits his trading style.
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Which dealer would you choose? Novice traders will often choose the dealer with the best marketing, simply because it’s the one they know.
They learn about the dealer, visit the site, register for a demo, then scale the learning curve to grow comfortable trading with that dealer, using their charts, etc.

Frequently, the dealer with the best marketing is not the best dealer for the trader, or perhaps, for any trader. Traders use systems that work in the short term, mid term, or long term, with varying holding times and strategies. The type of dealer needed for each approach is quite different.

For every trader there is an optimal dealer. For many, the path of least resistance leads to the dealer who makes first contact, not the dealer who will provide the best trading outcome. The sophisticated investor optimizes returns by matching his trading style to his dealer.
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