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Predator Genesis

Published the Tue Jun 04, 2024 1:03 pm
  • icon Price Price : 195 $
  • icon Country Country : Србија / Srbija

Description :

Application, robot, or expert advisor Predator Genesis is hopefully our latest masterpiece. The main features of this application are ease of use and a very simple and understandable user interface. Also, this robot does not need configuration files or set files, which means that with the default settings, you can trade on several different currency pairs in the H1 time frame. If the robot is used on several different currency pairs or on exactly the same currency pair, each instance must have a unique magic number. For the proper functioning of the entire system, the use of VPS services is recommended. Otherwise, the robot will not be able to move its stop or break when is necessary.

Rules such as TP, SL, TS, and BE are expressed in coefficients and are calculated based on independent ATR indicators. The robot also has some fancy options that are currently unused, but they are there and represent a potential opportunity that can be exploited one day. For example, the robot has an option that can calculate all output rules in pips instead of coefficients. The robot has an option to rotate positions, which it currently uses as a default value. The robot has an option that can only work with one type of market order. The robot has a time option that allows you to search for signals in a certain period of time within one day. By default, this option is currently not used, but the time is set exactly as it should be. You should also never forget one fact. The robot has a signal for exiting from the active position. So don't be surprised if a position is closed outside of the above exit rules, like TP or SL, for example. Risk level is a personal matter for each individual and depends exclusively on how much someone is willing to risk or strain their free funds. But, if, for example, you plan to use the robot on all nine recommended instances (read the PDF that you can find inside the ZIP file in the comments section), in that case, my recommendation is to go with less risk.

You can purchase the robot at the following link:

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