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Adam Neural Network EA

Published the Tue Jun 04, 2024 1:06 pm
  • icon Price Price : 65 $
  • icon Country Country : Србија / Srbija

Description :

"ADAM" Neural Network Expert Advisor
Use deff settings to trade EURUSD on H1 (recommended), or you can find two sets for EURUSD in the comments section
This robot distinguishes itself through its unique approach, deviating from conventional trading strategies. It is versatile, as it can be applied to any trading symbol without a specific recommendation. All symbols are considered suitable for trading. During the initialization process, the robot undergoes live data training for its neural network, with the training data being stored in a dynamically created database. This entire process is swift, requiring only a few seconds per symbol.

The robot is designed to be used on a single symbol or simultaneously on multiple symbols. In the case of using it on different symbols, assigning a unique magic number to each instance is imperative. This unique identifier is crucial for distinguishing between instances.

New Features:

The latest version introduces the capability to train robots within the strategy tester. When optimization is initiated, the system automatically generates an SQLite database, recording the acquired data. Post-optimization, it is advisable to create a set file, as the system records only relevant sub-data for the neural network. Loading a predefined set file in subsequent sessions allows the system to seamlessly handle the configuration.

You can purchase the robot at the following link:

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