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Gold Digger MT5

Published the Tue Jun 04, 2024 1:08 pm
  • icon Price Price : 85 $
  • icon Country Country : Србија / Srbija

Description :

The Gold Digger is designed for trading on the XAUSUD or GOLD symbol. The current recommendation is to use the robot on the H1 timeframe. The robot is crafted in a minimalist style, yet it possesses all the features of a fully rounded system. Therefore, the robot has an option that allows it to work with all types of orders, reverse positions, and an advanced money management system. All exit rules are calculated based on independent ATR indicators. If the robot is used on various symbols or timeframes, each instance must have a unique ID or magic number. Also, using this robot without VPS service doesn't make sense, as in that case, some functions will be cut off, such as Trailing Stop or BreakEven. In case a position is closed beyond the take profit or stop loss, do not be confused, as the robot has independent exit rules contained in the signal logic that can close the position only when these rules are met. The robot can be part of a broader algo trading portfolio and thus contribute to the overall interest. Another of my recommendations is not to take too much risk, especially if it is part of a trading portfolio. I am available for any questions.

You can purchase the robot at the following link:

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