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LionKing Neural Network Robot

Published the Tue Jun 04, 2024 1:10 pm
  • icon Price Price : 65 $
  • icon Country Country : Србија / Srbija

Description :

I finally found enough time to focus on developing the new version 1.10 of the "Lion King" robot. This is a completely new robot with an integrated neural network and a reduced number of signals. I've added all the fancy features I thought would be helpful, bringing the system to its utmost potential. I took this step because I sold several licenses over two years ago, but the system wasn't good enough. Now, I can guarantee the performance of this system.

The system is designed to not open too many positions within a year on the recommended symbols listed below, but it can be used on time frames from H1 to H8, etc. However, I have recommended the H1 time frame with specific currency pairs. Honestly, the potential is greater, as is the list of possible symbols where this system can work successfully. I also want to mention that there are no preset files. The robot uses its default settings. Additionally, if you use the robot on multiple currency pairs, you need to set a unique magic number for each engagement of the robot on different charts. This step is necessary because the robot creates an SQLite database and within the database, it creates separate tables linked to a specific symbol and magic number and then uses this data in further operations.

You can purchase the robot at the following link:

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