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Thor MT4 XAUUSD Expert Advisor

Published the Tue Jun 04, 2024 1:23 pm
  • icon Price Price : 295 $
  • icon Country Country : Србија / Srbija

Description :

While Thor boasts only a handful of adjustable settings, users wield comprehensive control over its entire system. The system's resilience is underscored by a selection of five strategies accessible from a user-friendly menu. Originally designed to trade XAUUSD on the H1 time frame, Thor exhibits adaptability to other currency pairs, as evidenced in the accompanying visuals. Incorporating Thor into a portfolio, as depicted in the initial image, yields remarkable results. To maximize Thor's potential, a rented Virtual Private Server (VPS) service is essential for seamless operations. Embedded within Thor is an automated lot calculation system, offering the flexibility to set a maximum lot size. Additionally, the expert advisor features a fixed lot size as a specialized option, activated when the automated lot calculation system is deactivated. The user's choice between these options hinges on individual preference. Exit rules are systematically computed based on coefficients derived from three independent Average True Range (ATR) indicators. Using Thor via different symbols or using different strategies (str1-sstr5) requires assigning a unique identifier, commonly known as a magic number, in each instance.

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