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Range Trading

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1Range Trading Empty Re: Range Trading Fri Oct 28, 2016 2:39 pm


Is it true that the Range Options offered by most brokers could give more profit or bigger payout? I have been using this Range trading with Optionstars and right now, I am still making a minimal profit but sure enough I am making good profit for my 3x a week trading.

2Range Trading Empty Range Trading Sun May 31, 2015 3:46 pm



Sometimes when you study the trading charts of an asset of interest, you may decide that its price direction is difficult to accurately determine. With most other forms of investment you may then be stumped about what is your best course of action. However, with binary options you have other strategies available to you which will allow you to seek profits even under such conditions. For example, you could utilize a strategy which is capable of informing you whether your asset is range trading.

You could exercise such a decision after you had study the trading chart of the asset of interest and determine that over a selected time period that it was not trending in any particular direction but bouncing between a high price level and a low one or floor. Basically, the asset is range trading.

For example, if your technical analysis indicates that the NASDAQ stock index is fairly stable, you could purchase an “IN THE RANGE” binary option. You can do this by selecting the ‘range’ binary options, locating your asset type and then choosing “IN”. In contrast, if your studies demonstrate that the price action of your asset is volatile, then you could activate an “out-of-range’ binary option.

You are well-advised to devote some time to studying and mastering the use of as many binary options trading strategies as you can. You will then have a supply of tools that you will be able to apply depending on the current market conditions.

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