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Active forex traders ?

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1Active forex traders ? Empty Active forex traders ? Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:07 pm


just wondering if any are about ?

been tradering live since last xmas, its all going good, i think may people who dont understand forex and blow their account up, tend to voice their Hate for forex very strong, and put fear into others who could may well understand the system much better,.

I honestly think people are able to make mass profits, and the more money a trader has in the account the easyer it is to make fast profitable returns, when i say trader i mean someone who knows what their doing, please i not trying to promo forex tradering you really can lose money super fast.

The web has MANY MANY free ebooks/ sites all which are much better then a course, I would say paying for 1 on 1 lessons are very helpful but thats only if you can get a good teacher,. paying for a course is just crazy, i never did it,

Sorry to go on,... if any ones got any Q's - ill try my best to help, i am no way a expert trader 
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