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Review of Trade Manager Software

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1Review of Trade Manager Software Empty Review of Trade Manager Software Fri Nov 06, 2015 12:50 am

time is money

time is money

Trade manager is an expert advisor created by Windsor Park FX. They agreed to provide me with a copy of their software to run on a demo for evaluation.


My expectations were low, as I haven’t been exposed to any expert advisors that were able to deliver. I always wonder why anyone would sell software that was able to “print money” as so many of these expert advisor sellers claim their software does?

Case and point, I expected to be disappointed, keep reading to find out what happened.


This is a typical expert advisor with a few changes. To try it out, you’ll need a copy of Metatrader and a demo account with any broker you choose. You’ll need to be at least familiar with the basics of installing software and following a few instructions.

This system is Metatrader based, but if you misconfigure it, you could blow your account. I learned this from experience. Windsor Park FX does provide training videos for convenience.

The Basics

This software is fully automated. There are a few scripts that run that tell the system when to take profit and when to stop out. Fully configurable to your strategy, but it comes with recommended settings, that I recommend you follow.

It’s also possible to have Windsor Park FX set up a Virtual Private Server for you to run your Metatrader on. A Virtual private server is an online system that is always on and always trading, even when your computer is off. The advantage of this is that you are assured of proper configuration and power outages or loss in your home or business internet connection won’t affect your expert advisor’s ability to trade.

The disadvantage is you may forget to check on it. For this review, I tested the software on my own machine so I could keep an eye on it.


The cost is easily my least favorite part about this product. To actually get a license for the product so it can be used on a live account you must join Windsor Park FX.

The cost to join is a one time fee of $3000 with a monthly due of $195. You could also choose the Executive level membership which is $10,000 but has no monthly due. There are other things you get other than the EA activation, however, I think the EA activation is probably what most traders are looking for.


The results were surprisingly good. I traded the system on a demo account for two weeks. The system did have losses as well as gains. However, after two weeks, the system came in with a 14.73 percent gain on a $10,000 demo account. The system had an 8 percent loss two days before the end of the testing. The average loss on a losing day was 3 percent. The average gain on a winning day was 5 percent with more winning days than losing days.

Overall I have to say I was impressed. The system was very active and it took profits often with only one major stop out.

The company allows anyone to have a demo version of the software and try it on an unlimited basis so I encourage you to try it for yourself. While I don’t really care for the price, I have to admit, since the software works fairly well, I can understand why the price is high. If you have the capital to start with a good amount of money and can afford the initial membership fee, this system appears to be a solid investment.

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