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BANX GmbH Review by Forex Serbia

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BANX - BANX GmbH Review by Forex Serbia Banx_l11


BANX clients can trade more than 1.2 million financial products from a wide range of areas such as shares, CFDs, foreign exchange, precious metals, ETFs, bonds, funds, futures, and options on numerous stock exchanges around the world. Numerous instruments from Asia, Europe, and North America are available for trading. Trading with leverage is possible via BANX from the age of 21 and after a minimum deposit of € 3,000 with the margin deposit. The trader can use his released liquidity without waiting periods and move a larger capital. With the margin deposit, the short-selling of securities and Co. is also possible, while the trading system calculates in real-time how much margin is available. Professional investors can benefit from higher returns with the Margin Depot, which they can achieve intuitively and in a user-friendly manner.

BANX enables you to trade at transparent conditions without hidden costs or fees. If additional costs are incurred during trading, the client is always informed in detail – but the custody account is free of charge, as is the transfer of the custody account. Thus, BANX clients can benefit from transparent and low-cost trading. Other brokers and online brokerage providers often charge high spreads, fees, and commissions, but BANX promises a liquid trading account for professional trading with low commissions. Besides, BANX customers benefit from increased liquidity during the trading year since the flat tax remains untouched in the customer’s securities account when trading via BANX until the tax return at the end of the year.

Basic Info:
Morsestraße 20
40215 Düsseldorf

  • Phone: +49 (0) 211 - 97177850
  • Fax: +49 (0) 211 - 9717784
  • website -
  • Email:
  • Managing Director: Eugen Beisel
  • Register court: AG Düsseldorf. HRB 72569
  • Sales tax identification number: DE 296 175826

BANX is active in Germany as an intermediary for interactive brokers: Interactive Brokers is a listed company through whose system approximately 19% of the stock options listed on all stock exchanges worldwide are traded. Interactive Brokers’ head office is located in Greenwich, Connecticut in the USA. Other offices are located in Chicago, Switzerland, Canada, Hong Kong, London, and Sydney. Interactive Brokers are regulated by various institutions such as FINRA, SEC, NYSE, SFA, and numerous other regulatory bodies. The securities accounts of BANX clients are therefore managed through Interactive Brokers. The US Interactive Brokers Group was founded 41 years ago by CEO Thomas Petterfy, who is still the majority shareholder of the company today. The group’s consolidated equity amounts to over 7 billion USD, which is why Interactive Brokers is one of the five largest online brokers in the world.

BANX - BANX GmbH Review by Forex Serbia Handel10

Trading Futures with Trader WorkStation 4.0

BANX distinguishes itself as a provider with innovative ideas and enables its customers to trade securities in a modern and intuitive way – both on their home PC and when traveling by bus or train. At home, BANX customers trade simply and easily via the user-friendly Trader Workstation or via the Webtrader, which allows download-free stock exchange trading even on other PCs. Finally, while on the move, customers have access to innovative mobile trading apps for Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows, which enable them to use optimal entry and exit points at any time. Helpful features such as smart routing or the API interface round off the BANX offering and enable easy and efficient trading. BANX also offers you an excellent basis for trading with futures. In addition to the low costs (commissions of 2€ per contract are common on many European exchanges), the multi-award-winning trading platform Trader Workstation 4.0 makes a major contribution to your success. User-friendly, reliable, and technically highly developed, it is the ideal tool for the ambitious trader.

Use the advantages of BANX and benefit from particularly favorable conditions. German shares can be traded on XETRA €3.90 and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange from €4.90. On international stock exchanges, the conditions are also at a very customer-friendly level! On the NYSE and NASDAQ, for example, you can trade US stocks from USD 0.01 per share. With a securities account via BANX, you can order the desired values in seconds. With the free trading software “Trader WorkStation 4.0“, which was again voted one of the best platforms in 2013 by the renowned trading magazine Barron’s, you have the opportunity to trade securities like a professional. The program is among the most stable and reliable of its kind. With over 40 order types and more than 100 indicators, the Trader Workstation 4.0 leaves nothing to be desired, and many trader tools are pre-installed free of charge. The Market Scanner filters the stocks according to the criteria you specify. For example, you can see all stocks that are among the winners before the market opens.

Demo Account

A demo account enables the trader to get initial experiences in trading Forex or CFDs with virtual assets, to test trading strategies without any risk, and to look at trading platforms without any actual investment. To open a demo account with BANX, you only need to submit a name, an email address, and a phone number and agree to the data being used by the company solely for reasons of the related request.

Only one type of account

Instead of offering multiple accounts with different conditions and services, BANX purposely provides only 1 account type. Every customer is being treated the same and has access to the same attractive spreads.

Deposit by bank transaction or credit card

To be able to trade, customers need to make an initial deposit into their trading account. This can be done by credit card or bank transaction. In the future, there might be the possibility of extending this service and also allowing other forms of deposits.

Educational offer

BANX is successfully working with ATT Trading, their strong partner for trading training. Additionally, BANX regularly publishes market studies for numerous Underlying and provides personal support for their customers. First-time traders can gain theoretical and practical experience without any prior knowledge in trading CFDs or Forex though the available demo account and the personal support.

Deposit Protection via BANX

  • Client funds are managed segregated from company capital
  • Protection for private customers up to USD 500,000 per account
  • Represented in the trading business for over 40 years
  • Over 8 billion in equity

The customer accounts are managed via BANX with Interactive Brokers UK (IB UK), which is known as a subsidiary of the US Interactive Brokers LLC (IB) – Interactive Brokers LLC itself is also listed on the NASDAQ (symbol: IBKR). The Interactive Brokers Group (IBG LLC), to which Interactive Brokers UK and LLC belong, has been active in the market for 41 years and has equity capital of over USD 7 billion. Unlike many other companies, IB’s management manages its shares and thus participates strongly in the course of business and is characterized by a rather conservative behavior out of self-interest. The client accounts are segregated accounts through BANX, separate from the company’s capital and the brokerage house accounts. Client accounts are also supervised and controlled by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Should the Broker become insolvent one day, the Client can still dispose of his securities account at any time.

These customer deposits are protected against losses through no fault of their own via BANX up to a sum of 30 million USD per customer – protection of 1 million USD for cash deposits is included. The Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) and Lloyd’s of London Insurers provide this protection by paying SIPC for the first USD 500,000 per client, including the first USD 250,000 for cash deposits. When clients receive full SIPC protection, Lloyd’s Policy also pays up to USD 29.5 million including USD 900,000 for cash deposits. The maximum amount is part of the overall sum insured, which amounts to USD 150 million


#BANX  is a safe, regulated and reliable forex cfd broker.


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