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Traders need to keep in mind.

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eToro broker should be dodged. They are a trick broker and they are not dedicated by any methods. They have demonstrated no regard to my wants as client nor any regard of my money, no danger administration by any methods, essentially demonstrating they work after a have design. I have ask for them to accept some risk, be that as it may they just disregard my messages. I don't need any trader in forex market to exchange with them.

2Traders need to keep in mind. Empty Re: Traders need to keep in mind. Tue Oct 17, 2017 6:34 pm

Eric Young

The first thing traders need to keep in mind that trading is an investment business. It is not something like gambling or a get a quick rich project. Treat it as a business. Do not hope to be rich overnight. Forex trading requires special knowledge and skills sets. You have to learn those by studying good resources.

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Every business where there are more competitors where there is no barrier to get entry and also business model is highly profitable is also very risky business. Such a business is forex trading. Trader will get no barrier to get entry in this market. Also this business is high profitable. As well as this business is highly competitive and also very risky business. A good trader can do proper money management by adjusting the risk and profit making opportunity.

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