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Bytecoin / Monero (BCNXMR)

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1Bytecoin / Monero (BCNXMR) Empty Bytecoin / Monero (BCNXMR) Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:58 pm



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The long term trend of Bytecoin / Monero is DOWN indicating that ^BCNXMR has experienced a DOWN trend for at least the past 180 trading days. Long term trends are key to understanding the starting point to the path of least resistance of a stocks price trend. The expected future trend bias is always strongest with the current trend.

The short term trend of Bytecoin / Monero is UP, ^BCNXMR has been undergoing a short term UP UP over the past 7-10 days.

The current signal for Bytecoin / Monero is HOLD indicating that the stock could be Pausing in its trend. The current price trend is not Extreme. Stocks in extreme levels of price trend should be allowed to move out of the extreme range before a buy or sell decision should be made. As is the case for most trending momentum style stocks, much of the "reason" price action is not often known until well into the price trend. But earnings growth and management efficiency are key components to a foundation to a sustainable uptrend. We will focus on fundamental indications that can build a case for reasons why the stock should continue its current trend.

Rank is the rank of the stock vs. its peers. For example a Rank of 98 means the stock is out performing 98% of its peers over a 12 month period. A rank of 2 means the stock is outperforming 2% of its peers, in other words, 98% of its peers are out performing it. 98 is good, 2 is not so good. The current quarter is 40% of the weighting, so current performance is more significant to the rank.

The current rank for Bytecoin / Monero is 86, this means that ^BCNXMR is out performing 86% of its peers. Stocks that have a rank of 80 or better, with support of all other analyses shown here, tend to advance the trend.

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