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Broadening Formations Right Angled and Ascending and trading signals

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What a f..k is that man?. You can't  simple copy and past som text. Pay atention how is look like because this content have very bad look.  One more thing. Ther is no need posting the same link 5 times because under your nick name you have the same link already. Where is some diagram. Put some chart so that we could see what's going on.
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I will fix this mess but if you continue on this way , messy way, every futures topic will be deleted. Maybe this guys allow this behavior:
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Broadening Formations Right Angled and Ascending and trading signals

Shape. The overall shape of the formation looks like a megaphone with one side horizontal.  Horizontal bottom support line. The bottom of the formation follows  a horizontal trend line, while an up-sloping trend line bounds the top side. Up-sloping top trend line. The top trend line touches at least two minor highs. The horizontal trend line also shows two minor low touches as prices descend to the trend line. The various touch points help define the boundary of the formation. Premature breakouts. I define premature breakouts to be prices that close outside the formation boundary but return before the formation ends

Price action before breakout. In some ascending broadening formations, prices make higher highs and form a solid, horizontal base at the start but  then move sideways for many months. Eventually, prices rise above the formation  top or slide through the bottom trend line and stage a breakout.

Downward breakout. Once a breakout occurs, a pullback sometimes happens. Prices may continue moving up but they usually bounce off the lower trend line and continue back down. A pullback gives investors another opportunit  to short the stock or add to their short position. Before shorting, however, make sure the pullback is complete and prices are declining once again. Measure rule.

The measure rule predicts a target price. Compute the height, the difference between the highest high and the horizontal trend line
in the formation. For upward breakouts, add the height to the highest high in  the pattern. For downward breakouts, subtract this value from the value of the horizontal trend line. The result is the target price.

Wait for confirmation. If you own a forex pairs and it shows a broadening pattern, get worried. Many times the breakout will be downward, so be ready to sell. Only sell when the price closes below the horizontal trend line. Premature  breakouts are rare, but they do occur. Do not be fooled; wait for a close below the lower trend line.

Intraformation forex trading signals. If the pattern is tall enough, consider trading between the two trend lines. Buy after prices bounce off the lower trend line and sell after they turn down at the top. If you are lucky, the pattern will breakout upward and you can ride prices even higher. Use progressive stops to protect your profits. When the fx climbs above the nearest minor high, raise
your stop to just below the prior minor low. That trading strategy should give the forex pair or gold price plenty of wiggle room.

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