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Trader Fernando Martínez Gómez-Tejedor Spínola looks for traders and an IB of any broker

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Fernando Martínez Gómez Tejedor is the best trading that can exist. I know that there are many envious people trying to damage his reputation, he is a person who has gone under a profile just for not boasting his achievements so it makes no sense that now they try to talk about him badly. I recommend that you do not let yourself be guided and if you do not want or negotiate do not do it, but read the course and you will realize this man is a TRADING PROFESSIONAL and knows what he says.


Until the penultimate Friday of July you can learn how to make an EA! For free the trader Fernando Martínez Gómez Tejedor intends to guide and teach all those programmers who want to make an EA, and will donate € 25,000 to that person capable of creating an EA so advanced that it exceeds the one he has created.

The Spanish businessman Fernando Martínez Gómez-Tejedor will start a contest to find a new trading manager, one who can control his accounts as a trader and earn excellent commissions for the money managed. For this is in the search for a professional who knows how to perform manual operations, not automatic, all traders who are interested should send your request to the facebook page "CURSO GRATIS INTERACTIVO DE ESTRATEGIAS CUANTITATIVAS" and so may have the option to compete for Manage a 10,000,000 account for the best performance you get during the contest. If you need a reference of the system that Fernando Martínez Gómez Tejedor trader has, it would be useful to consult this facebook:átiles.5.
The idea of ​​this wonderful trader is the following:

1. Users will operate under the same conditions (same broker) with the minimum available account ($ 50, $ 100, $ 500 ...) and no more than the agreed minimum.

2. He will deposit in the same broker an amount of up to 10 million euros.

3. The users will operate with their real accounts, the techniques that they decide, if possible, which can be done with the knowledge of their free book.

4. Fernando will check that there are no copies of orders between accounts, and that each user only has a single trading account.

5. The user must bring 2 guests. Why? to open more the circle of people and students. Therefore, to participate you must bring 2 friends.

6. Each end of the month, the user who has obtained the highest profitability with respect to the maximum draw down will be the winner. In the photo of the example above, a yield of 76% has been obtained with respect to an apparent DD of 10.88%. What gives a ratio of 7.5% of profit for each 1% of assumed loss. Whoever gets the highest ratio is the winner of the month.

7. The winner of the month, will have access to the account of Fernando Martínez Gómez-Tejedor account, where you can operate it for at least 1 month, obtaining a benefit of 50% of all earned. For example, if the account is 10,000,000 and you get 30% in that month, it is 3 million profit, so the total commission is 1,500,000 Euros.

8. Of those 1,500,000 Euros, the distribution is made in 60-20-20. That is, the trader who earned the money remains 60% (which is equivalent to 30% of the total capital earned), which is € 900,000. Another 20%, which is € 300,000, is earned by the friend who invited him. And another € 300,000 is won by the friend who invited the friend. That is why, by inviting friends as detailed in point 5, you get a greater opportunity to obtain benefits, especially if those friends end up being more profitable than other users. Of course you can organize and prepare groups to try to get a greater advantage over other users, so the best idea is always to invite traders better than you, that way you guarantee a greater profit for you.

9. He will not withdraw the benefit obtained from it, so 50% of the benefit remains accumulated for possibly many months. It will also control and review the main account to avoid embezzlement and trading that does not seem correct, in order to protect the patrimony of the account, for its own benefit as a trader and for the benefit of other participants who arrive later.

10. At the end of the month, the Ratio of the main account will be calculated, and it will be compared with the ratios of the small accounts of the other participants. If a user obtains a Ratio better than that of the main account, that user will have the right to operate the main account during the following month. In this way, all people will have the right and option to be able to operate the account for at least 1 month, and the user who is operating the main account must maintain better ratios than the rest or the option to operate will be removed.

11. The user who stays several months (about 6) operating the main account, will know the creator of this idea in person and this will teach him personally more about the stock market. In addition, it will manage part of its assets in other accounts. At that time you will not have the obligation to share the benefit with your friends, although it is recommended that you take them into account.

12. EA's can be used in this competition, but Fernando Martínez Gómez-Tejedor is interested in people who use manual trading. The EA's that have been distributed, given away or sold by him during these years can NOT be used and he will notice if they use them.


No matter the broker you belong to, no matter the minimum, we are looking for an IB broker that collaborates with Fernando Martínez Gómez-Tejedor in his contest, this IB will be responsible for organizing the competition, he will have to create a website to see the operations of the Participants, in exchange for this, will earn part of the commission given by the broker for the income of clients and another part will be destined to the food bank in Spain, which the IB chooses. To contact him, you must write to the facebook page: "CURSO GRATIS INTERACTIVO DE ESTRATEGIAS CUANTITATIVAS". This contest would be starting in 2 or 3 months.

That said, if you are IB please contact by private message, stating the following:

1. Broker
2. Minimum account of the broker.
3.% that you will give to charity of what the broker pays you.
4. If you are able to set up a website or place where all the results can be seen and how to organize it.

Suggestions and changes of rules are allowed. As soon as you have selected the main IB, the following indications will be given, you only have to contact through the facebook page "CURSO GRATIS INTERACTIVO DE ESTRATEGIAS CUANTITATIVAS".

Who is Fernando Martínez Gómez-Tejedor Spínola?

Fernando Martínez Gómez Tejedor Spínola, is an entrepreneur, trader, investor and professional native of Spain, born in Madrid in 1984. His father, a transpersonal architect and psychologist, is a renowned occultist among the guild. He could be seen in television appearances as in the Fourth Millennium, in the "Ladies Protector" program where he can be seen in action collaborating with his regressive therapy, called Retrocognition. Fernando descends from a family of nobles, which has allowed him to have 24 noble titles, his genetics is mixed and remixed with nobility and relatives until 2 lines of succession, which was mixed with genetics of scientists, artists, mathematicians and researchers before remixing it again and giving it life. He is the only member of the whole family who owns more than 8 surnames of Llera, 4 Eraso, 2 De La Gala, 12 Doria and 8 Spínola, achieving a purer nobility.

However, his life has been completely focused on the world of business and finance, he is an expert in forex and in the Spanish stock exchange, becoming the "youngest trader in the world" a name that has been given him within the Successful trader community. In 2004 he invented the Expert Systems in the Stock Market and stock markets at the age of 19 years. He was harshly criticized for his young age. The systems have since earned money and have shown that the critics were wrong. For the arrival of the year 2005 it warns of the coming of an unprecedented financial crisis, and was very criticized for it, and little listened to. In the interviews he comments on the importance of buying silver and gold.

All the achievement and its first big step started in 2007, when he bought his first Stock Broker and in 2008 he bought his first virtual bank, thus achieving in 2009 to discover an excellent strategy to make money every day in the stock market without losing high profits, through a system considered perfect. In that same year he set up the Fernando Martínez Foundation, teaching revolutionary projects and collaborating with different social causes, at the same time his clients receive a return of 1000% thanks to the rise of the Eurodollar to 1.50. At the end of 2010 Fernando travels to Miami and creates the Foreing Exchange Institute, teaching stock strategies in Financial Derivatives. He appears constantly on Miami Television as an expert in the stock market.

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