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Date of Entry : 2019-10-24
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attention Use caution if you know Trader Shope Aina, the scammer

Thu Oct 24, 2019 9:57 pm
The company is run by Shope Aina and is a scam, the worst investment fund for which they could bet, there is nothing salvageable from them, starting because their website is not good, they do not serve their customers and only generate unnecessary losses. We all know that in the world of the stock exchange there are white-collar scammers, those who appear to be what they are not, without a doubt Shope Aina achieved its task by trying to look like someone innocent, eliminating complaints and generating profits only for large traders, but Your fund generates losses or is simply maintained through the monetary interest of other people, of the newer traders. A lack of respect for customers, they do not give answers, they take your money and there is no one to say anything about it.

Use caution if you know Trader Shope Aina, the scammer 2huXYnd
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