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1Ema Empty Re: Ema Sat Dec 12, 2020 8:52 pm


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More details regarding these three EA's will be announced in the coming days.

Short info about me! I am a software developer at the same time. I developed several trading robots (expert advisors) for trading on the MetaTrader 5 and 4 trading platforms.
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2Ema Empty Ema Mon Feb 03, 2020 11:15 am


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Hi guys,
Let's start the story of the beautiful “Ema”.
An old topic will be slightly changed. I will try to explain in detail this trading robot, or robots, because there are three versions so far, namely:

  • Ema free — link (
  • EmaLight — link (
  • EmaPro — link (

The robot uses two MA indicators with a crossed strategy. That would be some basic concept of this robot. Someone will say, okay, but that concept has been used by a million robots so far. Yes but only my three robots have the mining ability. That's the catch. Ema free is the basic concept of a robot. The robot is operational with all the necessary functions such as trailing stop, break-even, but the robot suffers from a small number of inputs for data mining. This is the main difference between the free version and the other two versions of EA. Also, this free version is very popular. EA has been downloaded over two hundred times so far. This robot has found its owners on all continents. Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, and Australia.

In the following pictures, you will see all the features of this EA:

Now I'm going to show you pictures of the next two robots, and you will see what is the main difference between these three EA's.


One of the differences between Ema free and the other two robots is a different trade engine, and small data miner, which can easily be seen in the pictures above. The main difference between EmaLight and EmaPro is the biggest miner. The logic is almost the same, as well as other inputs. The best way to optimize all three robots is as follows. All miner inputs must be set to zero, which means this option is not active. Then we select the inputs we want to optimize, whatever it is, and start the optimization. When we are done with the optimization, after one, two, or maybe three rounds, only then do we start working with data mining in the range we want.
For example:

  • Start — 0
  • Step — 1
  • Stop — 100 or 1000

I also want to emphasize that if you have a small processor power or ram memory on your computer, I recommend using the cloud option (see picture). In that case optimization process it will be much, much faster.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

What you can expect from these EA's take a look at the screenshots below. Is not the best result, because for the better result need more work, but is not bad at all.
EmaLight on EURUSD:
EmaPro backtesting result on EURUSD:
Ema free backtest on EURUSD:
So each EA has its value. I hope I’ve made some pretty unique robots because of the ability of data mining. This option can be used and it doesn't have to be, robots will trade pretty well without it. But with this option, the performance of all three robots is much better. Of course, the story does not end here and all three robots will be upgraded with new versions continuously in the future. Now I have to show you the latest version of CyberExpert and its amazing features. The robot has a unique logic that allows it to trade “normally”, and I also allow it to trade as a scalper. Version 1.9 has not been released yet because I didn't have the time. But in the coming days, I will definitely do it. Really amazing EA. See the picture below.
CyberExpert v1.9.Testing on EUR USD 1 min OHLC:

So, guys story of my three Ema EA's will continue. See you soon.

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