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Entry and exit of a trade is very important

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Entry and exit points in trading are critical for profitability and risk management. A well-timed entry ensures favorable pricing, while a strategic exit determines profit realization or loss minimization. Traders use technical analysis, fundamental factors, and risk management strategies to optimize entry and exit decisions in line with their trading objectives.

Sariat Saimum

I think there’s no certain about the use of SL since, it will be our responsibility to know what will be our risk to be taken in our trades. Since, after all this will still be helpful for us who made mistake in our trades and to still have to chance to recover. Yes , if we want to survive the market particularly in reaching MC then, we must have stop loss.

J Martin

Entry and exit of a trade is very important. If your entry is wrong, you lose money. Same may happen with exit also. But everything depends on your trading strategy and style. There is no simple answer. Your strategy will tell you when to buy and when to sell. Find a strategy that suits you.

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