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1DomusFX Empty DomusFX Wed Jun 02, 2021 9:09 am



GBP/USD only, now wait around 12:45am EST to seek out out that within the past few hours the worth has consolidated, then open up the 5 min time-frame and 30 or more if you want to.
This is only to seek out the recentSupport and Resistance to possess a thought of where the market should react. Why that specific time you'll ask.....well i have been watching the marketplace for an extended time and realize that the majority of the short trends or strong movements happens after this hour so may be a blast to start out . If at this point the worth is near a support or a resistance i like to recommend to attend for the worth to succeed in it then sell if it touch a resistance and buy if it touch the support. If the worth is just too distant the enter buying or selling around that point .
I know you continue to have questions but that was all regarding entry. I will keep explaining but i want you to know what we are looking forward to try to to here.
Were are becoming to use martingale wisely for the very first time. So the thing is that around this point tons of massive movements takes place, another good hour is 2:00am EST, 3:00am and 4:30am, where 3:00am isn't so strong. So as we both know if we use martingale and thus the worth start bouncing we'll lose money. But this times are great thanks to nearly always the worth go straight up or down, i actually don't care where, they move enough to exit in reach or just to go away them run so as to possess more profits. This is the idea behind the method. The more it bounces the extra money you'll get per pip so if it goes 20 pips on your favor then put it on reach and let it run for maximum profit.
Money management.
You have to line up first you harmless per trade. This % should be the loose of the entire sequence ok? For example, if you've got $1000 and you would like to risk 2.7% which is $27, at the top that is the total amount that you simply are getting to loose if you loose the hole sequence. That will keep the system safe. The sequence is up to 5. If you enter for the fifth time and therefore the price go against you then you loose the entire sequence. the gaps are 10 pips.
The calculations of the starting lots should not be a drag for you but I even have an Excel file that calculate it on behalf of me so let me know if you would like it.

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