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In this post, I won't go into each entry individually because I don't think it's necessary. The app is pretty simple, which is the main thing with all my robots. Well, maybe not all of them, but most.

To determine risk levels, the robot has a simple, fixed size. All output rules are calculated based on six independent ATR indicators and shown as coefficients. The robot can only open one type of order and has a magic number, and that's about it. The signal is split into two groups: one for opening market orders and the other for closing active positions in certain cases, regardless of whether they're profitable. That pretty much covers everything you need to know about the user interface.

If the robot is used on various currency pairs like BTCUSD, LTCUSD, etc., it's important to assign a unique magic number so the robot can handle its positions correctly. And if it's used within a bigger portfolio with multiple robots, each needing individual management, it's crucial to determine a unique magic number every time.

By default, Crypto Monkey trades BTCUSD in the H1 timeframe, so there's no need for additional settings beyond what's mentioned. But to make sure everything runs smoothly, we need our VPS server. Without it, the robot's TS and BE settings won't work properly, meaning it won't be able to adjust SL levels as specified during the TS or BE setup.

In sports terms, this robot plays as a full-back or left striker in my team—the Crypto Fellowship portfolio—and its contribution is secondary. The main offensive role belongs to Kong. The key feature of the C Monkey robot is its conservative approach, avoiding too many position openings per year. But it's done a decent job on the Kong signal, making a $75 profit so far.

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Crypto Monkey works with both MT4 and MT5 platforms, with the MT4 version specifically designed for the Kong signal. So far, things are going well, and the robot is making a profit—a small one but a profit. Because, as I mentioned, its role is secondary within my Crypto Fellowship portfolio.

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The robot came about somewhat accidentally. While developing Kong, I tried around 50 different solutions to improve the existing robot. One solution, initially ranked 25th, caught my eye after further analysis. After making some minor configuration changes and testing, it became the final product—the Crypto Monkey Expert Advisor.

crypto trading, expertd advisor, mt4,mt5 Crypto18

It's still too early to draw final conclusions about this robot. But for now, it's trading in the positive, as shown in the picture above. It behaves the same way as during testing, so not all positions can be closed profitably. But the goal is to have more profitable positions than losing ones. Because of these, I am giving this robot a chance to shine as a supporting player in the portfolio.

And that's all I have to say about this app. Cheers!

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