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Foreign Exchange.

on Sun 26 Feb 2017 - 8:30
Foreign Exchange market consists of two tiers, the interbank or wholesale market. and the client or retail market. And in this market foreign exchange dealers are banks, and a few nonbank operate in both the interbank and client markets. They profit from buying foreign exchange at a bid price and reselling it at a slightly higher ask price. Worldwide competitions among dealers narrows the spread between bid and ask. I am trading in forex with FXPRO.
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Re: Foreign Exchange.

on Sun 26 Feb 2017 - 9:43
Foreign exchange is the world’s biggest financial liquid market. Shortly it is called Forex. This market is tied up with two parts. One is the inter bank or wholesale market and the other is the client or retail market. All people like banks, commercial companies, central banks, investment firms, hedge funds and retail investors are allowed to buy, sell, exchange and speculate on currencies in foreign exchange market. Investors and traders are betting that one currency is go up and the others will go down. I am doing trading business for past few years with tickmill.
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Re: Foreign Exchange.

on Tue 28 Feb 2017 - 5:17
Foreign exchange is the exchanges of one currency for another or the conversion of one currency into another currency. It is the most liquid financial and largest market in the world. Exchange of currencies is the primary reason why it’s very popular. Trading with Pepperstone broker is very interesting. They make me feel very homely when trading with them. They are offering multiple opportunities for traders to make good profits.
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