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attention Re: There are lot of common mistakes

Tue Mar 24, 2020 4:18 pm
Greetings J Martin,
Being beginner myself, I’d like to beg some more info about choosing the broker.

Is it about level of spreads and commissions and if it is, how big they should be (I’m asking these questions regarding EUR/USD, because it’s the pair with smallest spread as long as I could see)? Some brokers offer no commissions but bigger spreads; in that case what is tolerable spread? Finally, there are some brokers without commissions but with constant even bigger spreads; what is tolerable there?

If choosing the broker isn’t only about the commissions and spreads, and there is something more in it, could you elaborate on that? What would be signs that some particular broker should be avoided?

For example, I think that broker who limit where I can put stop loss and take profit should be avoided. Am I wrong?

At the end one inconvenient question: do you have some brokers that you dare to recommend and if you do, what are the broker’s qualities that stays behind your opinion?
J Martin
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attention There are lot of common mistakes

Sun Mar 15, 2020 11:12 am
There are lot of common mistakes every trader do when they are new. I also did the same. Like opening trade position before big news events and after the news events. Opening too many lots is another mistakes. Risking more than 1% of the capital is also a mistake. Another big mistake is unrealistic expectation. We come here to make double, triple of our capital over night. But it's the biggest mistake one can have. We also make mistake in choosing broker.
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